January 18, 2021

Message from John Newbould


I hope you enjoy looking at our various locations and the facilities we have to offer you and your child.

As a father of four children myself, I know how important it is to give them the best possible start in life.

Being in nursery helps in so many different ways from learning, experience, routine, socialising, experimenting to name a few. My children are in their 20’s now and have all been through university, their formative years have stood them in good stead as they now make their own way in life.  It’s never to early to start!

My philosophy in nursery has always been that if the children are happy, the parents are happy and the staff are happy. (Which makes Ofsted happy!).

Talking of staff, we have over 50 fully qualified people. Please take time to look at their wealth of qualifications and experience. They are the backbone of the nursery and deserve to be congratulated on their dedication.

Also take a look at our ABCD awards where going ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’ is recognised and rewarded. To see how you can nominate a member of staff for an award see the ABCD information

Finally, the best recommendation anyone can get is a referral, please look at some our parents comments and the happy smiling children, it makes everything we do worthwhile.

John Newbould

Managing Director of House of Eden.